June In My Kitchen Garden.


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Being a spoiled Northern Californian, I panicked with heavy late May and June rain.  I started pining for the droughts.  At least I know how to garden during the droughts.”What do you mean we have two inches of rain? I … Continue reading

Halloween: A Table with all the Irrational Nonsense

Before you go around scaring yourself and your children, here is a great chart of all the “The Periodic Table Of Irrational Nonsense”.  To get the full interactive experience, go to the link, get a cup of coffee and prepare to snort coffee on your computer screen:

From Science Reason and Critical Thinking Blogspot

What is great about this chart, it gathers together all the “woo, woo” elements of the world and organizes them by blocks and easy to understand categories.  Each “element” has a symbol, a woo number and a name.  There are four blocks: Fruit Loop Block, Credulous block, delusion block and quack block.  Quack block is divided into “Traditional bollocks and New Age Bollocks”.

For example :  Rg is past life regression, “planting false memories into people’s brains for a bit of a laugh”

Not since National Lampoon‘s map of the world, have I had so much fun.  You may remember, Fjord Mustang, in Hawaii Komon-i-wanna-lay you, just some examples.  If Google Earth could only put that up again in an interactive form, I would be satisfied.

It’s often times ok to deride organized religion and give all the spiritual,  modern day quackery and anything from Asia a pass, I say, have a laugh on all of them particularly now that it’s Halloween time.