Regretting a Click

Go ahead admit it, you accepted that friendship on Facebook with someone you shared a passing acquaintance.  You liked their writing, ideas.  In time, you start seeing bits of their personality and you start getting that feeling of being in your house alone, and in the basement is the creepy mass murderer, stalker, Nazi, or zombie who populates your nightmares.

You want to un-friend but you know in your heart of hearts the wacko will lose it and come after you.  It’s not a real fear, but it’s that regrettable click action that you go back to.

But, then you say, c’mon, what kind of chicken are you?  If you risk nothing, how will you live?  In a bubble of clickophobia.

It’s nothing you can put your finger on–after all it was your finger that got you in this mess– but it’s the links, the You-tube videos that you find disturbing.  I talk myself down, c’mon, Freedom of Speech.  But it’s the street sense that jumps in and says, ” fuck freedom of speech, no one admires that”.    Look, out of  200+ people, you are bound to pick up that 1% reflective of the wider society’s creepizoid element.


3 thoughts on “Regretting a Click

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. None whatsoever.

    (If you really want to be rid of somebody forever, add him/her to your BLOCK list. They will never again see you. You will never again see them. At least not on FB. Why, yes, I have, in fact, used it.)

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