When A Friend Sends A Poem



From Boston, my friend sent me a poem,  she thought I might like it.  She did not know, that I needed it today.  I lost a dear friend and comrade in so many struggles.  His life ended, but his fight and his spirit will continue in all the work the rest of us will continue.

I wish you peace my friend.  You will always be in so many hearts, minds and souls in San Francisco.  .  Thank you.


As Toilsome I Wander’d Virginia’s Woods

by Walt Whitman

As toilsome I wander’d Virginia’s woods,
To the music of rustling leaves kick’d by my feet, (for ’twas autumn,)
I mark’d at the foot of a tree the grave of a soldier;
Mortally wounded he and buried on the retreat, (easily all I could understand,)
The halt of a midday hour, when up! no time to lose–yet this sign left,
On a tablet scrawl’d and nail’d on the tree by the grave,
Bold, cautious, true, and my loving comrade.

Long, long I muse, then on my way go wandering,
Many a changeful season to follow, and many a scene of life,
Yet at times through changeful season and scene, abrupt, alone, or in the crowded street,
Comes before me the unknown soldier’s grave, come the inscription rude in Virginia’s woods.
Bold, cautious, true, and my loving comrade.

7 thoughts on “When A Friend Sends A Poem

  1. My condolences on your loss. I understand the part about a person’s spirit inspiring others. But the way is so much lonelier.


  2. So sorry for your loss, good friends are hard to find in this life. I enjoyed reading this poem from my past, Whitman a special favorite of mine. Also enjoy your site.

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