It’s Official, Massage Is Good For You

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

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Conclusions: Preliminary data suggest that a single session of Swedish Massage Therapy produces measurable biologic effects. If replicated, these findings may have implications for managing inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Source: A Preliminary Study of the Effects of a Single Session of Swedish Massage on Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal and Immune Function in Normal Individuals, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

It’s official, well semi official since it’s a Preliminary Study, massage is good for you.  Human touch can actually have healing effects.  Human touch is good for human beings.  If replicated, the abstract says, it may have implications for managing inflammatory and auto immune conditions.  It’s not just the feel good fuzzy stuff, it’s real measurable scientific feel good stuff.  With charts and graphs and lab results that back up the feel good stuff.  Not just for wussy indications like feeling tired, stressed or generally having pain, for the real big boy things:  heart disease, blood pressure, auto immunes.

This can only mean one thing, gird yourself ladies who have practiced massage through the ages, the industry, the men, the insurance companies are gonna come in and take over.  Be careful what you wish for, your kind, gentle, new age music playing, herbal oil slathering massage therapist, may now be quantified, sanitized, qualified , certified and monetized for your protection.

Soon, they will take her under the medical industry banner, pay her maybe $20 dollars an hour, charge you $150-$300 maybe an hour and make it a science.  Considering the specialist who talks to you for ten minutes can charge that much, one hour of massage, man, EL Dorado.  Run, run, get all the massages you can before they take them away.

Medicine took away the human touch, now they reinvented it so that they can charge us more for it.  Something that women knew, did not forget, made into a cottage industry may soon be in danger of being part of the “Health Industry” and go the way of midwives.  If history repeats itself , they will make the regular pathways of certification etc, illegal and monopolize the training as well.

We can’t have hippies, or women taking over a large chunk of our “health care dollars”.

(N.B.  I know that men also do massage, but women are in the majority. )


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