Serving Food

The guests are, seniors, vets, disabled, homeless, working poor, addicts . In the dining room there is a system of serving meals to our guests.  Sixty years of serving meals, 365 days a year, you must have a system, an efficient system.

As I was placing the tray in front of a woman on a wheelchair, she squealed:
” Ouch, ouch, you stepped on my foot, ” I melted into a puddle of apologies, looked at her in shame and she was smiling.

” Look down,”she told me.

I looked down, she had no legs.

It did not feel like I was stepping on a foot, but yet I was ready to be guilty.
We laughed together.  She smiled at me and thanked me.

I walked back in the flow of serving, thinking about the purpose of the meals.

The system serves a purpose, but people are serving people each day of the year.  A sweet reminder from the one who started this, sixty years ago, one human serving a meal to another.

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