Rod Serling: When Television Was The New Medium

Part 1:  A free lance commercial writer.

Part 2: Where he explains Twilight Zone

Listening to this interview, I was thinking how writers are still struggling with same issues when it comes to the new medium of our time: the Internet.

  • Social relevance vs. trivial topics.
  • The struggle with commercialism.
  • Censorship for the sake of appeasement.
  • Artistic control:  How he tried to control the content.
  • Pre-censorship:  Censoring yourself on issues that will get you in trouble.
  • The wild lunatic fringe of letter writers, aka the trolls.
  • Sponsor interference.

Wondering what he would think of this new medium?

(Thanks to Sam for linking the video)

2 thoughts on “Rod Serling: When Television Was The New Medium

  1. Rod was a master story teller, kind of the O. Henry of television when it was trying to find it’s way. Lots of great work was done, Playhouse 90 and many others. I have to echo surly’s thought, there have been many times when the voice of Rod Serling has spoken in my head as if he were narrating my life, particularly the way he used to do when introducing Night Gallery episodes.

    “A woman returns to the train station, it is late at night and she can sense the danger that lurks in the shadows that loom, but the sanctuary of her automobile will elude her tonight because the car is gone, she has no way home and she has just entered… the Twilight Zone.

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