Chiara Mastroianni

So, let me understand this, about the time I graduated from high school, 1972, two of the most incredible looking people from the mid century, Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve had a child.

This child is Chiarra Mastroianni now also an actress.

Mastroianni eyes……

Deneuve style and grace.  What a combination.  Now this is a Euro worth all the talk.

I watched last night, Making Plans For Lena, I did not know she was their daughter.   I beat my brains out trying to figure out where I saw her before.  But I had never seen her  before.  But, here she was this perfect combination of her parents.

She plays a super anxious woman in the midst of a divorce struggling to be a single mother.  She has two young children and is also coping with her sister, mother, brother and father.  What was interesting is that the father is Italian.  The only love scenes in the movie are of the aging parents.  Very sensual, very well done.  The parents are not cute as older parents tend to be portrayed in American movies.  They are also complicated and messy.

This is exactly the  kind of movie Hollywood is incapable of making.  No formulas, no magic and no focus groups.  People living messy lives and trying to sort out their messy past.  God forbid that they try to remake this in Hollywood, they will make it formulaic and farcical.   If you live in the live far away from the artsy theaters, don’t fret, it’s being offered right now on Comcasts pay per view.

The movie has some wonderful flashbacks and a truly unusual small divertimento of a folk tale from Brittany.  The tale is macabre, but in a good way.  A young woman is being forced to marry, but she will only marry the man who can dance with her for hours.  She kills a number of men and the ending?  You will have to see yourself.  This is the kind of movie that days later I will still be thinking about all the layers.

The director is Christophe Honoré.  I will be paying attention to his work.

By the way, I don’t understand why they imposed that title, the French Title makes more sense:  Non ma Fille, tu n’iras pas danser, No My Daugter you will not dance.


2 thoughts on “Chiara Mastroianni

  1. What I wouldn’t give for that neck. She is beautiful and the movie sounds very compelling. And your’e right — not the kind of movie Hollywood pushes out.

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